Be Firm Set

Be Firm Set

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Our mask sets are designed to help combat a variety of skin concerns. The BE FIRM mask bundle is recommended for those who are looking to combat fine lines, lift and firm their skin.


1. Pure Cream Firming Radiance Mask - Polatam

The Firming Radiance Pure Cream mask from Polatam is a soft and luxe Cupro cotton sheet mask soaked in a hydrating milk protein cream essence. Enriched Korean Oak Tree Essence for hydration, Adenosine to assist with rebuilding the outer surface layers of the skin, Licorice Extract to brighten and illuminate and Hydrolyzed Collagen and Tyrosine to rejuvenate collagen levels.

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2. Ultra-Age Defying Organic Sheet Mask - Aeria Skin

The Ultra Age-defying Organic Sheet Mask from Aeria Skin is a simple and convenient way to indulge and pamper yourself at home! In just 3 simple and fuss-free steps you can spoil yourself with a spa-like facial and become a PRO at beauty home care.

This serum-infused 100% organic cotton sheet mask, helps to restore and renew your skin's vitality by delivering antioxidant-rich and botanical active ingredients.

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3. Wrapping Me Firming Sauna Foil Mask - Make P:rem

The Wrapping Me Firming Sauna foil mask from Make P:rem is a game-changer in beauty and skincare innovation. Inspired by the Northern European bathing culture, the super toning two-part foil mask has been designed to provide instant moisture to fatigued skin, delivering an effect similar to a 10 minute sauna treatment.

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4. The Prestige White Truffle Cream Mask - Double & Zero

This cream-infused sheet mask made from silky micro fibre is soaked in White Truffle (often refereed to as the Queen of all mushrooms), which delivers skin a cocktail of vitamins and minerals, such as Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium. But wait there's more...each luxe sheet mask contains a whole bottle of nutrient-dense moisturizing cream delivering an instant brightening boost.

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5. Double Care Collagen Solution Mask - Double & Zero

This Collagen sheet mask has been crafted with a natural cellulose fiber made of cotton tree and is doused with 10,000ppm of Marine Collagen extract. Formulated with Ceramide, which acts as a hydrating agent and Royal Jelly, whilst helping smooth fine lines and creases.

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