Be Blemish Free Set

Be Blemish Free Set

Bare & Be

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Our mask sets are designed to help combat a variety of skin concerns. The BE BLEMISH FREE mask bundle is recommended for those who have acne-prone, irritated or congested skin.


1. The Wrapping Me Brightening Sauna Foil Mask - Make p:rem

This sheet mask is a game-changer in beauty and skincare innovation. Inspired by the Northern European bathing culture, the super toning two-part foil mask has been designed to brighten and whiten uneven skin tone while delivering an effect similar to a 10 minute sauna treatment. Formulated with ingredients such as Taurine, Iceland glacial water, Cloudberry and Vitamin C

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 2. The Double Care Solution Black Mask - Ghana Cacao - Double & Zero

This pore solution mask is soaked in Ghana Cacao extract, which delivers the skin a cocktail of antioxidants, such as Vitamin C and Magnesium, that may help to block harmful free radicals. Willow Bark extract helps to clear the pores by removing dead cells and dirt, while Eucalyptus Leaf extract heals and soothes the skins surface.

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3. The Lindsay Charcoal Modeling Rubber Cup Mask

The Lindsay Charcoal Modeling Rubber Cup mask is the ultimate purifying treatment. Formulated with Charcoal extract, this pore refining mask deeply cleanses and  detoxifies by removing impurities and dirt (without irritation).

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4.  The Rice Soothing Ultra-Feather Mask - 23.5N

The Rice Soothing Ultra-Feather Mask is a hydrating and calming sheet mask. Perfect for irritated, inflamed and dull skin.

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5. The Even-tone Brightening Mask - Aeria Skin

This serum-infused 100% organic cotton sheet mask, helps to restore and renew your skin's vitality by delivering antioxidant-rich and botanical active ingredients, such as Organic Swisse Alphine Edelweiss and Organic White Horehound extract.

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