What exactly is a sheet mask?


Apart from being the hottest and fast growing global skincare trend (yes we are sure you have seen the many celebrity selfies floating around), sheet masking has now become a staple in home care beauty (and for good reason).

In fact, sheet masks are like a fast facial in a packet, which have originated from South Korea, where industry leaders are considered pioneers of innovation in the beauty space.

The mask itself can be made out of cotton, hydrogel, cupro cotton, Japanese silk and even sea kelp!

Sheet masks are simple, easy to use and are a non-messy skin solution (unlike traditional masks). Soaked and doused in powerful and potent ingredients, these masks are formulated to combat and address a range of skincare concerns.

Delivering a combination of nutrient dense ingredients, in only 15-20 mins sheet masks will be sure to leave you with a glowing complexion.

How do I use a sheet masks?

The beauty of sheet masks is that they are super easy, quick and convenient to use. Remember to always start with a clean canvas, we recommend cleansing you skin prior to use.  Apply the mask for 15-30 mins, remove and your ready to BARE AND BE!

Please rest assure we will always send a mask instruction sheet, alongside any purchases.

How often should I be using sheet mask?

There is no set frequency, only you know what suits your skin best and what it needs the most. We have customers who mask once a day, while others once a week. This is totally up to you!

We generally sheet mask 2-3 times a week!

Could you help me choose the right sheet mask, I am not sure which ones to purchase?

Absolutely! We would love to hear from you and help you find the right sheet masks for you. Just drop us an email at

Alternatively, you can subscribe to our Bare & Be box, which will take the hassle out of searching, as we will curate and deliver a selection of premium sheet masks for you. This is a great way to discover your favorites and then purchase them on our online store.

How does the subscription box services work?

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How does Shipping work?

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