Why Everyone Needs To Know About The Amazing Benefits Of Fermented Skincare

The Bare Truth is fermented skincare has finally landed in Australia and it is here to stay!

Similar to the hot trend that exploded with food and beverages (kombucha, kimchi and kefir mmm yum!), skincare ingredients are now being fermented to increase their nutrient density, absorption and effectiveness. In fact, fermentation has been used for centuries in The Far East to help boost immunity, improve gut health and enhance skin appearance, therefore it is a no brainer for skincare brands to incorporate this process in their formulations.

What are the bare facts on fermented skincare?

The fermentation process has been widely used for thousands of years by the Far East, therefore we are not surprised that the pioneers of beauty innovation; Korea and Japan were the first to launch fermented skincare.

Classic fermentation is the process whereby foods are soaked in salt water, which results in the growth of beneficial bacteria. This beneficial and natural bacteria feeds on the sugar and starch and creates lactic acid, which acts a natural preservative. Further to this, the fermentation process delivers and creates probiotics, B-vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids and beneficial enzymes.

What are the benefits of fermented ingredients 

In a nutshell, the wonderful process of fermentation improves the level of nutrients and antioxidants in each ingredient, which in turn optimises the effectiveness, absorption ability and benefit of each recipe. Just like when we consume fermented foods and beverages, applying fermented ingredients topically allows the turbocharged ingredients to penetrate the skin and deliver a glow-inducing cocktail.

Our Favourite Fermented Skincare