Top 5 Reasons Why Aussies Should Be Sheet Masking

The Bare Truth

Sheet Masks do not only create amusing selfie and Instagram eye candy opportunities, but more importantly they are incredibly nourishing and hydrating. Enriched with a cocktail of vitamins and minerals, regular sheet masking sessions, help restore your skin to a healthy status.

If your new to this fast growing global beauty sensation, then we recommend reading below to discover what the fuss is all about.

1. Sheet masks are a quick and convenient way to force your skin those essential nutrients

Not only do sheet masks deliver a powerful facial treatment in approximately 20 minutes, but one can mask any where they please. For instance, in-flight masking treatments have now become a skincare must…especially among constant jet setters, vacationers and celebrities.

Just like a DIY facial, without the fuss and mess, sheet masks also make the perfect on-the-go GLOW inducers!

2. Unlike regular spa facials, sheet masks are super affordable and instantly effective

Many of us can not afford weekly facial treatments which range from $60 – $250 per treatment, therefore regular sheet mask pamper sessions are the best way to restore your skin and maintain it’s healthy glow. Bare and Be Sheet Masks range from $4 - $18 per mask or can be purchased in bulk for a special rate. Alternatively, subscribing to the Bare and Be bi-monthly box of 14 products for $63, will ensure you will be masking at least once a week (talk about great value!)

It sure beats spending $80 + on an new serum which promises a solution, yet doesn't deliver! With sheet masks you have the luxury of testing and trailing a variety of masks, styles and ingredients without blowing your pay check.

3. Sheet masks lock in moisture and help relieve dehydrated skin

The face-shaping ‘sheet’ material of a typical sheet mask is designed to lock in those nourishing ingredients and penetrate the skin’s surface delivering maximum absorption (without blocking pores), in a way traditional masks cannot. The hydrating and moisture binding properties are the reason why the skin looks instantly brighter, smoother and healthier after peeling off a sheet mask. In fact, sheet masks such as the Whamisa Organic Sea kelp mask deliver an incredible 72 hours of moisture…after only one 15 minute session!

It is also recommended to apply a lightweight moisturiser on after a sheet mask – to ensure longer lasting results…this is particularly great for vacations, boozy nights and long days in the office.

 4. A Listers and celebs swear by them…so they must be fabulous, right?

The sheet-mask craze has now well and truly hit the red carpet! While scrolling through your Instagram feed, it's not unusual to come across glamorous celebs sporting Hannibal style masks... in prep for awards nights and premiers. This years Golden Globes and Met Gala events were no exception!

Look if their good enough for Kate Hudson...then their sure as hell good enough for us!

Kate Hudson Sheet Mask - Bare and Be


 5. There’s a sheet mask designed to combat almost every skin concern

Sheet masks are remarkably dynamic, not only do they come in a variety of textures and formats, such as in cupra, hydrogel, microfiber, foil and even seaweed….but they tackle a number of different skin issues. Each highly concentrated mask is formulated with specific ingredients to either brighten, replenish, hydrate, detox or help diminish those fine lines and wrinkles.

For example, our Rice Soothing Ultra-Feather Mask is a hydrating and calming sheet mask, which is perfect for irritated, inflamed and dull skin.


Whatever your skin is thirsty for… sheet masks can very well deliver!

Happy Masking and Bare and Be Radiant!